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              Customer Hotline   0315-5913666    Sales Hotline   010-65667208   0315-5913452
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              Guohua Pilot
              Short Video

              Guohua Tech is a group composed of the parent corporation “Beijing Guohua Technology Group Ltd.”, and 6 other key holding subsidiaries: “Tangshan Guohua Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd”, “Zhongkuang Lvneng (Beijing) Engineering Corporation ”, “Don Valley Engineering (Beijing) Co., Ltd.”, “Tangshan Guohua Technology Clean-Coal Equipment Co., Ltd.”, “Tangshan Guohua Technology Mining Equipment Co., Ltd.”, “Xuzhou Woerde Technology Co., Ltd.”. Having been led by Mr. Zhao Shuyan, Board Chairman and Chief Engineer, BGTG has thoroughly solved the problem of "the Non-Desliming and Non-Sizing HM Separation Technology"that has plagued global coal prep industry for many years, and creatively developed “Coal Separation Equipment of Gravity-fed 3-product H.M. cyclone”, and successfully completed the only “National High Technology Industrialization Demonstration Project”. BGTG has been developed into a prosperous, flourishing and renowned corporation.
              ♦ is the only corporation in coal preparation industry to be reported and praised by “Science and Technology Daily” (NPC and CPPCC special issue, which stand for the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) in 2009;
              ♦ undertook as many as 6 national standard formulation and amendment for coal preparation industry in 2008, which was unprecedented in China’s coal preparation industry;
              ♦ Listed as China Top 100 Enterprises on Forbes twice in 2005 and 2006, respectively  
              BGTG owns numerous proprietary technologies, such as:
              ? Pressure-fed and Gravity-fed 3-Product HM Cyclone Coal Preparation Technology and Equipment
              ? Two-stage 2-product H.M. Cyclone Coal Preparation Technology and Equipment
              ? Fine Coal HM Cyclone Coal Preparation Technology and Equipment
              ? PS Type and FCA Type Slurry Pre-Conditioner
              ? FJC-Jet Flotation Cells Technology and Equipment
              ? Two-stage Flotation and Two-stage Dewatering Clean Fine Coal Circuit
              ? Two-stage Thickening and Two-stage Recovery Fine Tailings Circuit
              ? Flexible-Bag Air Compartment Jig
              ? And many more...     
              These technologies have their original proprietary intellectual rights.  BGTG is the leading enterprise in world's coal prep technology and engineering with these innovate technologies.  Recently, BGTG has developed two new high-capacity devices:
              ♦  Ø1.5m Hi-Capacity Pressure-Fed and Gravity-Fed 3-Product HM Cyclones
              ♦  44m3 FJC Jet Flotation Cell
              Using these two devices, a single coal cleaning circuit capacity can be as high as 650 TPH.
              BGTG, since its establishment, has devoted itself to the research of substantially simplifying the high-precision H.M. coal preparation technology. Up to July 2013, BGTG has successfully designed and built more than 500 coal preparation plants (mainly EPC projects), accounting for approximately 70% market share of coking coal preparation industry in China. Comparing with other institutes or corporations, the capital investment and operating cost, in coal preparation plants designed and built by BGTG, can be 20%~40% less, and the power consumption 40%~60% less; in the fully separated thermal coal preparation plants, clean coal lost in refuse can be 6~20 percentage points less, and capital investment and operating cost 10~30 percentage points less. Except for the newly built coal preparation plants (the total separation capacity is up to 0.448 billion tons), BGTG has also retrofitted and expanded many coal preparation plants (the total washing capacity has reached 0.206 billion tons), all of which has significantly changed the coal preparation industry in China. BGTG has extended its business to the American market.
              Based on the main technology and the market-oriented strategy, BGTG has been focusing on contracting and design of coal preparation plants and engineering, and meanwhile, extending its business scope to equipment manufacture and integration, endeavoring to make BGTG an international corporation in research, production and trade of coal preparation field.

              Copyright © Beijing Guohua Technology Group Corporation. All rights reserved. Tel: +86-315-5913666 Fax: +86-315-5913411
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