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              BGTG Coal Separation Technical Seminar of Yunnan and Guizhou Province 2014 Rounded Off

                      From August 28th to 29th, The BGTG Coal Separation Technical Seminar of Yunnan and Guizhou Province 2014 was held in Jinhua Hotel which is located in Panxian County, Guihzou Province. More than 200 representatives from the coal separation industry in Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces and Zhao Shuyan, Board Chairman & Chief Engineer of BGTG, Gu Shaoxiong, Deputy Chief Engineer of BGTG, and Zhang Yanping, President Assistant & GM of BGTG South-West Branch, attended the meeting.
                      In consideration of the problems and difficulties arising from technonology development of China coal separation industry, this seminar aimed at establishing a technical exchange platform for staff in coal separation field in Yuannan and Guizhou Provinces, advancing technical progress and realizing mutual development. During the meeting, Mr. Gu Shaoxiong and other technical staff from BGTG highlighted the general situation, coal separation technology and equipment manufacture of BGTG. Representatives from Huoshaopu CPP of Panjiang Clean Coal Co., Ltd., Housuo CPP of Dongyuan Coal & Power Co., Ltd., and Weiqing Coal & Chemicals Co., Ltd. of Guizhou Yutian Group, addressed featured presentations.
                       The research professor Zhao Shuyan, technical staff of BGTG, and the presented representatives proceeded a four-and-half-hour prolonged technical meeting , during which the application of new technologies in coal separation field and problems arising from coal washing process have been minutely explained and addressed. In accordance with the seminar schedule, the representatives also visited Huoshaopu CPP of Panjiang Clean Coal Co., Ltd., Laowadi CPP of Guizhou Bangda Energy Development Co., Ltd., and made exchanges with executives and technical staffs from the CPP.
                       After the closure of the seminar, the representatives stated that the seminar was technology-oriented and rich in content; it broadened their mind, enriched their knowledge and solved their problems concerning the coal separation process, and expressed their wishes to attend the similar seminars conducted by BGTG in the future.
                                 Zhang Yanping, President Assistant & GM of BGTG South-West Branch, gives a speech in the seminar
                        Board Chairman & Chief Engineer & Research Professor of BGTG interacts with presented representatives
                                                                                         Photos of partial representatives

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