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              Mr. Zhao Shuyan is Selected as National Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Talent

                      National Ministry of Science And Technology, Ministry of Finance, The Ministry Of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the " implementation plan of innovative talents promotion project ” (The document certificate no. 538 [2011] issued by Ministry of Science and Technology ) in order to create a mechanism innovation, optimize the policy environment, to strengthen the safeguard measures and to train and build a batch of world-class scientists and high level  science and technology leaders.The implementation plan determines to set up 100 scientists studios in science and research areas in which China have comparative advantages by 2020; Focusing on training and supporting 3000 young and middle-aged scientific and technological innovation talents and leading talents that can complete major task of science and technology tasks; Construction of 500 innovation teams in key areas. With continuous and steady national support, it is ensured to complete major national scientific research and engineering tasks; The construction of 300 innovative talent training demonstration bases.
                      In May 2014, Mr. Zhao Shuyan, Chairman and Chief Engineer of Tangshan Guohua Technology International Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as TGTC), applied for candidate for national science and technology innovation of entrepreneurial talent in May of 2014. Reviewed and recommended by the Science & Technology Department of Hebei Province, then formally examined by national Ministry of Science and Technology, reviewed by experts and public noticed, Ministry of Science and Technology published 213 persons selected for “implementation plan innovative talents promotion project of 2014” on February 26, 2015 (The document certificate no. 56 [2015] issued by Ministry of Science and Technology ). Mr. Zhao Shuyan from TGTC was selected and he was one of only three persons chosen from Hebei province (only one candidate from Tangshan, Shijiazhuang and Chende City respectively).
                      Mr. Zhaoshuyan, Chairman and Chief Engineer from TGTC, is one of first batch of top talents of science and technology of former Ministry of Coal Industry, prize winner of Shunyueqi technology & education fund, young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution in Hebei Province, the general leader of one of national science and technology innovation project-“large scale high efficient full heavy medium separation simlified process and equipment” in 9th five year plan, the chief designer of one of national high-tech industrialization projects-“high efficient coal preparation demonstration project.” After founding TGTC, he has directed and participated 33 scientific research projects, 5 of which are national level projects. Among completed scientific research projects, 7 of them reach international leading level and 12 of them internal advanced level. In one of these projects,  3GHMC model three-product heavy medium cyclone is affirmed as state national key new products by four ministries and commissions. The project of “large scale high efficient full heavy medium separation simlified process and equipment” won the first prize of coal science and technology. TGTC also hosted and participated establishing and revising 10 national and industry standards due to TGTC’s technology advances in coal industry. By the end of 2014, TGTC have completed a total of 546 engineering design of coal preparation plant at home and abroad, more than 60% of which are EPC projects. The total design processing capacity of  these projects is 764 million tons per year,  that is equivalent to 31.6% of the total coal washed in China in 2014.
                      Zhao Shuyan createed Tangshan Guohua Technology Co., Ltd. in1998, and established Tangshan Guohua Technology International Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guohua Technology Group Ltd. in 2009 and in 2012 respectively. The group company owns 7 subsidiary companies and multiple oversea braches including full acquisition of The Daniels Company of United States. The total assets, sales revenue, profits and tax paying of fast growing GT Global is about 134 times, 257 times, 270 times and 283 times that at early stage of company founding. GT Global is one of the best companies in terms of R&D of coal science and technology research, coal engineering design and contract performance in same industry.

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