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              Zhao Shuyan had a interview with “Science and Technology Daily”: “Coal Cleaning for Haze Control ” is One Important Way to Solve the Environmental Problems

                      After four news reports about Beijing Guohua Technology Group Corporation (BGTG)’s events of pursuing the scientific development and independent R&D and innovation respectively in July 2006, March 2009, July 2011 and December 2013 , “Science Sharing” edition of “Science and Technology Daily”, has again used a whole half page of the newspaper on 9 April 2015, published a news report about Zhao Shuyan (Board Chairman & Chief Engineer of BGTG), interviewed by the reporter Li ping, titled “Coal Cleaning and Haze Control ” is One Important Aspect to Solve the Environmental Problems.
                      Zhao Shuyan told the reporter, the ash and sulfur can be effectively decreased by coal preparation, and with every 100 million tons of raw coal processed, about 13 million tons of ash,0.35 million tons of sulfur removed and 0.49 million tons of SO2 emission deduced. If the calculation is based on coal productivity in 2013, and the 1.47 billion tons of unprocessed raw coal being washed, then about 300 million tons of refuse can be deducted and more than 18 billion RMB transportation cost can be saved, on which the toall cost of plant construction can be recovered in only 2 years. At the same time, 0.165 billion tons of coal can be saved due to increase of combustion efficiency.
                      Leading by Zhao Shuyan, BGTG has successfully solved the problem of “Mixed feeding of raw coal without sizing and desliming” that perplexed the international coal industry for many years, and highly simplified the coal preparation process. Compared with American counterpart, the coking coal preparation plant built by BGTG can save 10-30% of investment and processing cost, 40-60% of power consumption, and 6-20% less washed coal lost in refuse in thermal coal preparation plant. Zhao Shuyan introduced one successful case to the reporter: the Xinyu Coal Preparation Plant in Shanxi was originally designed by a foreign institute in 2005, with adoption of coal processing technology used in developed countries and imported LA1150 type two-product H.M. cyclone for rough and recleaning, as well as RC course coal slime separator and JMSCELL type coal flotation column to build up one plant with capacity of 2.0 MTPA; and in the year 2012, the second plant with capacity of 3.0 MTPA was built up with adoption of researching result of “high-efficient, simplified H.M. complete set of coal preparation technology and equipment”, which focused on 3GHMC type gravity-fed 3-product HM cyclone, FHMC type fine coal HM cyclone and FJC type coal flotation cells. According to the long-term production statistics, comparing the second plant built in 2012 with the first plant built in 2005, the clean coal productivity has been increased from 50.14% to 57.11%, which means 6.97 percentage points higher, and 60.83RMB will be increased with every 1 ton of raw coal processed, and clean coal lost in refuse 20.52 percentage points less, which means 0.18 million tons of coal can be retrieved in one year.
                      Meanwhile, the “22 Model Wet Coal Separation Water Recovery Technology and Equipment” (key project of innovation funds of China Ministry of Science and Technology), has completely solved the backward status of coal recovery technology in wet separation plants of China, and realized the full recovery of coal slime in the plant, closed cycle of separation water, zero release of industrial waste water, and water consumption for each ton of raw coal process is 40% less than the national standard, which specified in GB/T 18916.11-2012” Water Use of Coal Separation Industry, Part 11”.
                      Zhao Shuyan said with excitement to the reporter, innovation is the spirit of scientific development and high-tech industries, as well as the most important channel for survival and development of the enterprise. After foundation of BGTG, it has won 33 relevant scientific improvements in 16 years, 5 of which are national level scientific research projects, and 7 global leading research achievements, of which “high efficiency, simplified HM coal separation complete technology and equipment” had won first prize of China coal science and technology; based on the advanced technology, compose and amend 10 national level standard for coal industry; up to 2014, due to the wide acceptance of BGTG’s technology, about 546 coal preparation plants designing work and more than 60% of EPC projects has been given to BGTG, with whole process capacity of 0.764 billion tons, which accounts for 31.6% of the  China coal production.
                      BGTG has a great prospect and bright future, Zhao Shuyan told the reporter, but in order to build a company that leads the coal industry with advanced technology, with prominent features of self innovation and service assurance, accumulation of high-end talents, and internationally competitive high-tech group ,BGTG still has a long way to go.

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